The purpose of our Youth group mirrors that of our Church;

Worship The Lord,

Disciple The Saved,

Care For Others, and

Reach The Lost.

We believe we are created to love God and love people. We strive to develop significant relationships among teenagers and adults that fulfill these purposes.


Sunday School

Our Sunday School program exists to provide ongoing Bible Study. We are organized into 2 units. Seventh and eighth graders meet together and our High Schoolers meet together. We divide classes into gender and grade specific groups. Through our Sunday School we seek to instill a foundation of Biblical knowledge, create a habit of systematic lifelong Bible Study, and develop adult-youth relationships that encourage and instruct. We meet Sunday Mornings @ 9:45 am in The Chapel and Old Fellowship Hall.

All Youth Sunday School is located in the B building

7th & 8th grade girls - Joanie Ballard

7th grade boys - Brian Ballard

8th grade boys - Greg Guess

9th grade girls - Emily Willis

9th & 10th & 11th grade boys - Dan Gant

10th grade girls - Ronda English

11th grade girls  - Janay Stargell

12th grade - Rose Harris and Lee Ellen Gaston

12th grade boys - Will Gray


Where can I get more information?

We are often asked why more information doesn't come to parents. We send quite a bit out, but we are trying to get more info into parent's hands. Watch for mail outs, check the Sunday School Focus, weekly bulletin, screen announcements, and check the web page ( and follow the youth links. Also talk to your kids, they are getting info every Wednesday and Sunday.

How can I get involved?

Parents are always welcomed. We love to have them join us on Wednesday nights. We are also always looking for Bible study teachers and group leaders in various programs. Our third Wednesday night fellowships take a lot of work and help is always appreciated.  Rhonda English heads those up and would love to have your assistance. 

How about chaperones?

We have quite a few activities that require chaperones such as Centrifuge, winter retreat, day trips and many mission projects. We can't do these activities without the adults and always are excited to have new people join us. We know that to join us on a trip usually means taking time away from work and making other adjustments to your schedule. So as often as possible we try to provide for our chaperones to participate without paying the cost of the event. If you are interested in chaperoning an upcoming youth event please email me. (

Are guests welcomed on trips and activities?

Almost always!  There may be a few times that the nature of an event restricts participants but that is not the norm.

Where do our youth sign up for events?

Youth may sign up in the youth rooms. Sign up sheets are usually located in the Youth café or Chapel. Some events will have sign up sheets that are mailed to the homes and for many events, sign up will be available at

Why don't our youth do fund raisers and help with some of these costs?

While we are never opposed to hard work or earning your way, we unashamedly consider this work ministry. The model of the New Testament Church is clearly that ministry is funded by The Church and the people who participate in that ministry. Therefore we don't ask the world for funding or offer The Church products for their gifts. We have been blessed with many in our family who joyfully offer help when others need it, and we have worked to find ways for individuals to earn what they need and will continue to do so. We hope finances never stop anyone from participating in this ministry.